Why Mulberry Trees are the Las Vegas Top Spring Allergen

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Many Las Vegas residents welcome the arrival of spring with its warmer, longer days and beautiful foliage. While you might look forward to blossoming trees, plants, and flowers for their natural beauty, the spring season can also bring dread if you suffer from Las Vegas allergies. If you start sneezing, coughing, or develop itchy eyes when spring arrives, one allergy to consider is mulberry, which is a top allergen in Las Vegas. 


allergy doctor las vegasWhat are Mulberry Tree Allergies? 


An allergy to mulberry means that you’re allergic to species in the mulberry family, including shrubs and trees. Mulberry trees are actually the leading cause of Las Vegas allergies, which means that an allergy to mulberry trees may very well be the source of your symptoms. 


Where Do Mulberry Trees Grow? 


You might be surprised to learn that there are certain areas in Las Vegas where you have a greater chance of exposure to mulberry than others. Mulberry trees are more common in the city’s older neighborhoods. That’s because, in some communities, all homes were sold with mulberry trees during the 1960s, as mulberry trees are drought-tolerant and don’t require much water. Additionally, they produce bright berries and green leaves in the spring, making them attractive additions to urban landscapes. 


How are Mulberry Tree Allergies Diagnosed? allergy doctor las vegas


Suppose you think that you may have allergies to mulberry trees. In that case, you should always start with a visit to an allergist to review your symptoms, have testing for allergies if necessary, and come up with a treatment plan to safely and accurately manage your symptoms. If you’re concerned about the cost of your visit to an allergist and you’re wondering, “Is there an allergist near me that accepts Medicaid?” rest assured that you can contact Dr. Tottori’s office for assistance. 


Tips for Managing Mulberry Allergies 


Getting proper testing and treatment for your allergies is an essential first step. However, there are other simple measures you can take on your own to make sure that you’re getting optimal relief from your allergy symptoms. If your doctor has ordered medication, take it as prescribed to help keep your symptoms under control. Although you might be tempted to open all the doors and windows to let the warm spring air in, doing so can also invite allergens into your home. The same applies to driving in your car. You can also set up an air purifier or filtration system in your home to rid the air of allergens. If you spend time outside, remove all your outdoor clothes and wash your face and hair to eliminate any remaining allergens. 


This spring, don’t suffer from mulberry tree allergies. Contact Dr. Tottori for relief from your asthma and allergy symptoms by calling (702) 240 4233 or visiting us online.