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Oct 2, 2019

Did You Know These Foods May Contain Milk?

Sep 25, 2019

Plant Identification: How to Spot Allergy Triggers

Each year, hundreds of plants produce pollen. Pollen is primarily associated with allergies among Americans. But of the hundreds of plants that produce pollen, only a handful cause allergic reactions. Spring and fall are typically the worst seasons for allergies. However, pollen can survive through the winter! If you’re trying to pinpoint the cause of […]

Sep 22, 2019

Get Your Flu Shot Today. Call now to schedule with our staff.

It’s that time of year again! Flu season is quickly approaching. Stop into the best allergist in Las Vegas to get your flu shot today. Visit one of our Las Vegas locations: West Valley Location 9020 W. Cheyenne Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89129  East Valley Location 4000 E. Charleston Blvd. Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV […]

Sep 20, 2019

The Many Different Allergic Reactions to Bee Stings

Sep 6, 2019

Four Common Household Items That Trigger Allergic Reactions

From soap and lotion to cleaning products, candles, and sunscreen, you encounter dozens of allergens daily in your home. Because you routinely interact with these substances, you might not even know which ones you’re allergic to. Trying to pinpoint the source of your allergy attacks can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Although you’re not an expert […]

Sep 4, 2019

Suffering From Pet Allergies? (Infographic)

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