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Jul 16, 2019

Six Common Hives Triggers

Jul 13, 2019

Three Tips for Combating Cat Allergens in Your Home

As loving cat owners agree, nothing beats having a furry friend at home. Tension relief, stress reduction, and companionship are significant benefits that pets provide. However, that furry face you look forward to seeing at the end of the day can also cause problems. Animals can exacerbate Las Vegas allergies, among others in your home, […]

Jul 10, 2019

6 Common Summer Allergies and How to Find Relief

Jul 8, 2019

Closed Labor Day

In observation of the Labor Day holiday, Our offices will be closed on Monday 09/02/19. In addition, our 4000 E. Charleston Blvd office will be closed Friday 09/06/19. Thank you!

Jul 2, 2019

Parents of Kids Celebrate Elijah’s Law Passing in New York

In the US, the statistics for food allergies are sobering. About 32 million Americans suffer from an allergy. Of that number, nearly six million children under the age of 18 have allergies. That translates to approximately two children in a classroom. What’s even more frightening is that almost half of children with food allergies (40%) […]

Jun 21, 2019

The Best Countries to Travel to If You Have a Gluten Sensitivity

Traveling to a new place is exciting. But if you suffer from food allergies, it can also provoke anxiety. Dealing with an allergy at home is tough enough, but the issue is compounded when you add in the challenge of being in a new place and potentially having a language barrier. If you have a […]

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