What Is Immunotherapy and Can It Help My Allergies?


Immunotherapy is a popular allergy treatment. It uses your immune system to reduce the severity of allergic reactions to common triggers like bee venom, dust mites, grass, and other plant-based pollen. It’s an anti-allergy technique that’s been around for centuries, and one of its most common applications are allergy shots. With immunotherapy Las Vegas, you’ll initially be exposed to trace amounts of an allergen. As you develop immunity to the substance, you’ll be given larger quantities. The goal of immunotherapy is to make you less sensitive to the allergen, which in turn will decrease or eliminate your reaction to the substance in the future.

Different Kinds Of Immunotherapy

There are several types of immunotherapy that your doctor may try. One of the most common is subcutaneous therapy, simply known as “allergy shots.” Allergy shots are considered to be the most effective type of immunotherapy Las Vegas, as they change the immune system to prevent additional allergies and asthma from surfacing in the future. Allergy shots are administered on an ongoing basis. Initially, you’ll visit your doctor once or twice a week. Each time, the shot will inject a tiny amount of the allergen into your arm. After you reach a “maintenance dose,” you’ll get shots less often. Your shot frequency will go down to one shot once or twice each month for 4-5 months. You’ll then get a shot every month for about 3-5 years. You will find that your allergy symptoms improve over time, and they may even disappear! For more information on how allergy shots work and what to expect at your appointment, visit https://www.tottoriallergy.com.

Does Immunotherapy Work?

As with any medication, completing the entire course of treatment is the best way to ensure immunotherapy is successful. Because no two allergies are exactly alike, the duration of your immunotherapy might be shorter or longer than someone else’s. More severe allergies often require longer immunotherapy treatment sessions, while milder allergies often respond with a shorter treatment session. Additionally, you might find that your allergy symptoms disappear after an immunotherapy treatment, but they return again after treatment stops. If this happens, you may need multiple treatment sessions from an allergy specialist in Las Vegas.

Before starting immunotherapy, it’s important to find a doctor who you like and trust. After all, you’ll be spending quite a bit of time in his or her office! If you’re looking for an allergy specialist in Las Vegas, consider Tottori Allergy & Asthma Associates. Dr. Tottori has been voted a “Top Doctor” in Las Vegas from 2000 – 2018, and he has extensive experience in both pediatric and adult allergy and asthma treatment.