What does an Allergy Shot Really Mean?

Often patients will request an “allergy shot” to feel better. Specifically, some patients state that they have received an allergy shot in the past and it made them feel better. Upon further investigation, I find most patients actually have received a steroid injection, which is not an allergy shot, but rather an anti-inflammatory injection which can provide relief to some allergy sufferers. I always educate patients to explore the potential side effects of these types of injections, as there are several safer therapies to treat allergies.

One such therapy is allergen immunotherapy which is an allergy shot. Immunotherapy, administered in a board certified allergist office, is a safe FDA approved treatment, which origins date back to the early 1900’s. Immunotherapy is a non steroidal injection, given to children and adults. It is safe in pregnancy and is made using the allergens in which a patient is allergic to. Immunotherapy can provide allergy symptom relief and in most cases can eliminate the use of prescription medications.

In conclusion, an allergy shot should be defined as an injection of the allergens that you are specifically allergic to. I recommend visiting: tottoriallergy.com to learn more about the benefits of immunotherapy. I look forward to seeing you soon.


Kathrina Paner, PA-C