Top 3 Tips to Save Money on Medications

With the rising cost of healthcare in the United States, patients need to find ways to save money at the pharmacy. These are the most common tips to do so:
A piggy bank with "Rx" on the side

  • Ask Your Doctor To Prior Authorize Your Medication: If your insurance company denies paying for a medication, you have the right to appeal their decision. Many times, your insurance requires a prior authorization in order to cover a medication.
  • Make Sure Your Doctor Prescribes “Preferred Medication”: Always ask your doctor to prescribe “preferred medications”, which means, your insurance will cover medications on your preferred medication insurance list at the lowest co payment. Most insurance use a 3 tier system to allocate co payment cost and tier 1 is usually the low cost preferred medications.
  • Apply For Patient Assistance: Most pharmaceuticals companies have patient assistance programs to help patients. These programs may include free sample drugs, coupons and co payment assistance. Information about patient assistance programs is located on the manufactures website.