Aug 13, 2019

Tips for Throwing an Allergy-Free Birthday Party for Your Child

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Everyone likes a good party. But a party should leave fond lasting memories, not traumatic ones. Approximately 32 million Americans suffer from food allergies. That includes nearly seven million children, or one in 13. Almost half of children with allergies are allergic to more than one kind of food. Nuts, egg, and dairy are top allergens. Unfortunately, they are also common ingredients in many party foods. If you’re planning a party, or if your child is attending one, there are several ways to stay safe while having fun.

Make a Non-Traditional Cake

A pediatric
immunologist Las Vegas
will tell you that eggs, milk, and wheat are some of
the most common allergens. They’re also top ingredients in most cakes. In lieu
of a standard cake, consider making tasty treats that are dairy-free and made
of alternative milk like coconut milk. Making multiple cakes is another good
option so everyone can enjoy an allergy-free treat.

Serve Healthy Snacks

The snack table, which appeals to children and adults alike,
can also be a problem area. Although peanuts and bar nuts are a popular party
snack, they’re best to avoid at a child’s party. Even putting them on the table
can cause unintentional contamination. Instead, consider putting out a variety
of healthy foods that are low on the allergy list. This includes vegetable
sticks, raisins, hummus, fruit, and popcorn.


While surprises are good for some aspects of a party, food
is not among them. Since parents don’t always know how to make allergy-free
foods, encouraging children to bring their favorite snacks is an excellent way
to ensure everyone stays safe. It also gives children a chance to experience
new foods and exchange ideas. For adults, it cuts down on the cost of party
food, too.

Don’t Focus on Food

Allergens are commonly encountered at parties. As careful as
you are, they can appear in unexpected places like arts and crafts stations.
Cases have been reported of children reacting even to wheat ingredients in play
dough. Some candies can also be problematic. Stickers, bracelets, crazy straws,
and puzzles are good ideas for creative party bags and activities that are safe
for all.

Use a Venue

Sometimes, a party venue is the best option for having a
fun, allergy-free birthday celebration. A professional venue should be able to
accommodate your child’s allergy needs. Be sure to inform the staff and manager
of a child’s allergies beforehand, as he or she can ensure the menu (and
facility) are free of hazardous allergens. Some facilities will even allow you
to use the venue but bring food made at home.

Birthday parties are exciting events for children. They can
be more problematic for children with allergies, but there are ways to stay
safe without sacrificing fun. Contact Dr. Tottori, a Las Vegas allergist, for
more ideas and suggestions. Just call (702) 240 4233 or visit

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