Mar 13, 2019

Tips for Keeping Yourself Safe While Traveling With a Severe Food Allergy

Traveling is a great
way to see new sights and explore unfamiliar places. But if you suffer from a
severe food allergy, going new places can also bring risk, especially with a
language barrier. By keeping these precautions in mind, you’ll ensure that your
vacation is memorable in a good way. 

Visit an Allergist 

Before you leave, make an appointment with the best allergist in Las Vegas to
determine what you’re allergic to. An allergist can perform comprehensive food
allergy testing Las Vegas, primarily with a skin prick, to pinpoint your
allergies. Depending on your allergies and the severity of your reactions, you
may be given medication to control allergic reactions. 

Always Ask Questions 

If you visit a restaurant or cafe these days, you’ll find that many have notes
on their menus telling patrons to alert staff of any food allergies that they
have. If you do have a food allergy, it’s always a good idea to ask about
ingredients in a recipe and find out if different foods (such as the ones
you’re allergic to) are prepared in the same cookware. It may feel
uncomfortable at first to ask a dozen questions, but remember that it’s your
safety (or a loved one’s) that’s at risk! 

Tell Staff About Food Allergies 

Even if a restaurant doesn’t explicitly ask patrons to inform staff of a food
allergy, you should always take the time to tell them anyways. Some restaurants
prepare all their foods using the same pots, pans, and other cookware, which
increases the risk of cross-contamination. You may also discover that part of
your chosen dish, such as a sauce or dressing, contains an allergen that you
wouldn’t have known about otherwise. 

Research a Restaurant Beforehand 

These days you can do just about anything online. Luckily for allergy
sufferers, this includes finding out if restaurants accommodate patrons with
food allergies. There are several websites that rate eateries based on their
transparency about food preparation and their willingness to modify or
substitute dishes that contain allergens. You can also call a restaurant ahead
of time to ask if they are willing to accommodate the needs of diners with food

Learn Key Words 

If you’re visiting another country, you will probably compile a list of handy
words and phrases before you visit. For people with food allergies, this
includes learning the word of your allergen in the foreign language and also
learning how to pronounce it. Ideally, you should also write the word for your
allergy, and also the word “allergy” down on paper to show staff to be sure
they know what you’re saying. 

Traveling is a great time to get out and explore. By going new places, you’ll
be introduced to new cultures, cuisines, and possibly languages. But traveling
with food allergies can also bring some risk. By getting food allergy
testing in Las Vegas

ahead of time and asking questions about ingredients, you’ll reduce your risk
of having an unpleasant reaction when you’re dining out.

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