Three Ways to Get Allergies Under Control in 2019

After a long winter, most people look forward to the arrival of spring with its budding trees, blossoming flowers, and emerging grasses. But for others, those delights are a nightmare! If you suffer from allergies, you know how hard it is to deal with red, itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, and congestion. If you’re ready to stop allergy symptoms this year before they stop you, here’s how.

Visit an Allergy Doctor

The first step in combating allergies is finding out what you are actually allergic to. There are literally hundreds of possible allergens out there, and only the best allergist in Las Vegas can help you find out what is causing your reactions. You might even have more than one allergy, which is something an allergy test can determine. Based on the results, the best method for your allergy control might start with medications like decongestants. In addition to providing short-term relief, an allergist can help you formulate a long-term plan for allergy management.

Get Antihistamines

Antihistamines are an effective medication that can relieve your allergy symptoms. While decongestants primarily provide relief for your sinuses and nasal passages, antihistamines provide systemic relief for allergy symptoms, including controlling your runny nose, sneezing, and itchy red eyes. Antihistamines can be used to control symptoms associated with both seasonal allergies and food allergies. But because food allergies can also create more serious symptoms, experts strongly recommend getting an allergy test to find out what you’re allergic to. Depending on your allergy, your allergist might choose to prescribe a more potent remedy too, such as epinephrine. This fast-acting medication provides relief for severe, life-threatening allergic reactions.

Clean Your House

When the weather turns nice, it’s time to open the windows and doors to let fresh air in. It is also a time to get rid of clutter and get your house organized. If you need more reason to take on spring cleaning this year, let your allergies be it! While your allergies might be caused by external sources, they can also be triggered by allergens in your home. In fact, research shows that there can be up to 10 times more allergens lurking in your home than outside. Since you spend most of your time inside, it makes sense to make your home as allergy-free as possible. To remove the allergens in your dwelling and avoid an allergic reaction in the process, wear a mask and gloves as you vacuum, dust, sweep, and polish.

Whether you’re allergic to food, pollen, pet dander, or other allergens, the symptoms you deal with are no fun. But while you might have suffered in the past, you can now take control! Remedies such as house-cleaning, antihistamines, and visiting an allergist can keep your allergy symptoms at bay. Based on allergy testing results, you can find out what you’re allergic to and work with your doctor to find the best solution.