Three Reasons to Visit a Las Vegas Allergist


From chronic and annoying symptoms like sneezing and congestion to severe, life-threatening reactions, allergies impact your quality of life. If you develop symptoms after eating specific foods or during certain seasons, allergies may be responsible. If you haven’t visited a Las Vegas allergist yet, now is the time to make an appointment! A specialist can analyze your symptoms and help you get them under control. If you’ve been putting off booking an appointment, here are three good reasons to see a specialist today.

You are “sick” all the time.

Everyone feels lousy from time to time. But if you feel like you have a cold that won’t go away or a chronically upset stomach, allergies may be the root cause. Symptoms that repeatedly appear during a specific season can indicate allergies, too. Chronic and long-term symptoms of any variety are cause for concern and should be evaluated by an expert. That’s certainly true for adults, but it’s vital to get children tested for allergies, too. A pediatric immunologist Las Vegas can evaluate your child’s symptoms to find out if they’re allergy-related or caused by something else.

Your medicine doesn’t work.

If you have symptoms that resemble a cold or other common complaints, your first instinct might be to take medication for an illness. But if the medicines you’re taking seem ineffective, it’s a good indication that you may be suffering from allergies instead. If your symptoms aren’t responding to medication, it’s time to see a specialist. A knowledgeable allergist can make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right medicine to control your symptoms. An allergist can also recommend alternatives such as lifestyle adjustments to help you get your symptoms under control.

You are pregnant.

Women who are pregnant must take special precautions to stay safe and healthy. But did you know that experts recommend seeing an allergist, too? Women who suffer from allergies often find that their symptoms worsen during pregnancy. Furthermore, pregnancy can cause a specific condition called pregnancy rhinitis. Essentially, this form of temporary rhinitis makes any nasal congestion that you have worse. An allergist can determine whether you have seasonal allergies, pregnancy rhinitis, or a combination of both. Your doctor can then recommend medications that are safe to take.

If you suffer from mysterious or long-lasting symptoms, now is the time to take action. What you think is just a stubborn cold or upset stomach might be caused by allergies. An allergist can also prescribe the right medication to control your symptoms. He or she can help pregnant women find safe and effective relief from their allergy symptoms, too. The sooner you seek help, the faster you’ll find relief. If you or your child is suffering from allergies and asthma, contact our office today. Call (702) 240 4233 or visit our website to make an appointment with Dr. Tottori, a prominent Las Vegas allergist.