Oct 23, 2019

The Best Allergy-Friendly Candy for Halloween

The words “Trick or Treat!” should bring a
child delight, not fear. Candy corn, candy bars, and other sugary goods are a
part of the Halloween tradition. But if your child has food allergies, finding
a safe treat can be challenging. Whether the child is allergic to a specific
substance in a treat or the food has a risk of cross-contamination, parents
must be careful their child isn’t exposed to an allergen on Halloween night. In
addition to seeing a Las Vegas
Allergy doctor
for diagnosis and treatment, you can learn which
goodies are safe for your child to eat. 

Allergy-Free Treats 

 Most children with allergies can tolerate
these tasty treats, which are free of peanuts, dairy, egg, tree nuts, wheat,
shellfish, and fish. 

Amanda’s Own 

 Amanda’s Own is a company that specializes in allergy-free
Halloween goodies. They are beautifully presented, too. Chocolate lollipops and
chocolate bars in Halloween-themed wrappers are a fan favorite. 

Enjoy Life Foods 

 This company also creates allergy-free
products. Their delicious assortment of Halloween items includes mini chocolate
bars, snack packs with assorted chocolates, and molded chocolates that can be
made at home. 

Mike and Ike 

 Mike and Ike’s products are a staple for
Halloween. Luckily, the company ensures kids with allergies don’t have to give
up their favorite treats. The Mummy’s Mix with assorted flavors or the diverse
Vampire Variety are safe and delicious bets. 


 Skittles are among the most popular candies in
the United States. Fortunately, they are safe for children with allergies, too!
Made with assorted fruit flavors, they’re sure to satisfy even the biggest
craving for sweets. 


 Dots, made by the same company that produces
Tootsie rolls, are a classic hit. These assorted fruit-flavored gumdrops are a
go-to for parents and children alike. 


 Starburst fruit chews are another popular item
on Halloween. As it turns out, they are allergy-friendly too. Starbursts come
in various mouth-watering flavors. 


 Whether they’re in the form of candy rolls or
candy necklaces, Smarties are another classic candy that even children with
allergies can enjoy. 

Hot Tamales 

 Those looking for a bit of spice on Halloween
evening can indulge in Hot Tamales, which are known for their fiery cinnamon
taste. Luckily, they make the list of allergy-free Halloween candies,


 While these delightful treats are generally
safe for most children with food allergies, some parents choose to avoid food
on Halloween altogether. Creative and equally appealing alternatives like small
toys are a great way to brighten a child’s evening without causing

 Knowing some “safe” foods that their
children can eat on Halloween undoubtedly helps parents relax. However, be sure
to ask your allergy doctor in Las Vegas first before allowing your child to eat
them. An allergist
can either confirm that a treat is safe for your child or recommend alternative
options. It is essential to seek the help of a specialist to ensure your child
has a fun and safe evening. If your child suffers from asthma or allergies,
don’t hesitate to contact our office for relief. Make an appointment today with
Dr. Tottori, a renowned Las Vegas allergy doctor, by calling (702) 240 4233 or
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