Mar 20, 2019

Stop the Sneeze This Spring! How To Take Control of Your Allergies

Your eyes are watering. Your throat itches. You’re
sneezing. It’s no fun, and it happens every year! You might suffer from chronic
allergies, and you might think that your stuck with it. But fortunately, hope
is here. Now, you don’t have to suffer from allergy symptoms or guess what
you’re reacting to. Simply visiting a doctor for a diagnosis and using common
sense will get you on the right track to symptom-free springs.

When to Call a Doctor

Waiting for allergies to subside can be miserable.
If you suffer from symptoms like a constant cough, a scratchy throat, watery
eyes, or a runny nose that last for more than a few weeks or months, call a doctor. The best allergist in Las Vegas will ask about your symptoms and do a
skin test to find out what you’re allergic to. It’s also worth visiting a
doctor if you’ve been using over-the-counter remedies to no avail. It is
especially important to consult a professional if you have a coinciding health
problem, as taking medications for an allergy can be dangerous with certain
health conditions.

Protect Against Common Allergens

In addition to visiting a doctor for allergy symptom
relief, there are many methods you can (and should) explore to provide fast,
cost-effective, and practical relief. If you suffer from plant allergies, keep
in mind that pollen moves around mostly during the day when winds are at their
highest. Stay indoors during the morning hours and try to reserve your outdoor
activities for the evening after the winds have died down. Rain also brings
relief to allergy sufferers, as the wet ground keeps pollen from floating
through the air. Although it might be tempting to open your car and house
windows in early spring, keep them closed and use air conditioning instead.

Although they commonly cause complaints, very few
species of grasses and trees in the US (only a small percentage) cause
allergies. But those that do can make life miserable. Bermuda, Johnson,
Kentucky, and Timothy are common grasses that cause allergies. Oak, elm,
walnut, and hickory are trees that often produce allergic reactions. If you are
allergic to any of these trees and grasses, it’s a perfect excuse to get
someone to do your yard work! Follow the same precautions of staying indoors
during the day and keeping the car and house windows closed. Consider planting
alternative species, such as dogwood, pear, plum, and redwood trees, to keep
allergies at bay.

Dealing with seasonal allergies is no fun. At worst,
it can interfere with school, work, and sleep. If you are suffering from
allergies and want relief, contact Dr. Tottori for a thorough allergy test. As
a pediatric
immunologist Las Vegas
, Dr. Tottori can also provide
diagnostics and relief for a suffering child. But don’t wait! Now is the time
to visit an allergist to stop spring allergies before they start.

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