Steps to Take When Sick During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has infected thousands of people around the world. The virus produces many symptoms similar to other illnesses such as the common cold, flu, and allergies. If you start sneezing, coughing, or feeling congested, how do you know if it’s COVID-19, and when should you seek medical care? An allergy doctor in Las Vegas can provide some vital information on how to tell if you’re sick and how to care for yourself if you suspect COVID-19.

Symptoms of COVID-19

Symptoms associated with COVID-19 range from mild to severe. Elderly individuals and people with compromised immune systems have the highest risk of a more serious infection. Between two and four days after exposure, the following symptoms may develop: sore throat, headache, chills, cough, fever, difficulty breathing, and muscle pain. Additionally, anyone experiencing confusion, persistent pressure, or pain in the chest, blue lips or skin, or trouble breathing should seek medical attention immediately.

Home Care vs. Medical Care

Between shortages of equipment to avoiding unwanted exposure, some people may choose to recover from COVID-19 at home. Experts say that individuals who have mild symptoms can usually stay at home without requiring medical care. At home, you can follow the same general guidelines for recovery that you would use for many common minor illnesses, including staying hydrated and getting plenty of rest. It’s also a good idea to contact your doctor’s office to let your healthcare providers know that you are sick. They can monitor your symptoms and provide recommendations or treatment if anything changes.

Practice Social Distancing

If you believe you are sick with COVID-19, or if you have been exposed to the virus within the past two weeks, stay away from others as much as possible. If you must go out in public, remain at least six feet apart from others and wear a mask if you have one. Avoid using public transportation such as taxis, buses, and trains. At home, be diligent about wiping down frequently touched surfaces to avoid infecting others. It’s also a good idea to designate a “sick room” in your house where you can isolate yourself for recovery.

Practice Good Hygiene

Good hygiene practices control the spread of disease. If you sneeze or cough, cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or your sleeve. Throw away your used tissues in a covered trash can and wash your hands immediately. The best way to eliminate pathogens is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds using warm water and soap. If they’re not available, clean your hands with a sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

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