We Will Be Closed For Memorial Day

Office Closure Announcement for Memorial Day

As we approach the last Monday of May, we want to inform you that our offices will be closed on May 27, 2024, in observance of Memorial Day. This federal holiday is a time of remembrance and honor for those who have lost their lives in military service to the United States.

The Significance of Memorial Day

Memorial Day, originally known as Decoration Day, was established to honor the fallen soldiers of the Civil War and has since been extended to recognize all Americans who have sacrificed their lives in military service. It is a solemn day that encourages us to remember the bravery, sacrifice, and values these service members upheld for our nation’s safety and freedom.

Office Closure Details

In observance of this important day, our offices will be closed on May 27, 2024. We take this time to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and to reflect on the liberties we enjoy because of their bravery. We encourage our clients to plan accordingly and address any time-sensitive matters before the holiday closure.

We thank you for your understanding and support. Happy Memorial Day!