Keep Your Breathing Equipment Clean

Tottori Allergy - Ultrasound NebulizerAs the cold weather approaches the Las Vegas area, so do viruses. This time of year, people suffer from influenza, colds and other respiratory viruses, which can have a negative effect on other medical conditions such as asthma. I recommend to do anything you can to minimize the spread of these respiratory infections. A common recommendation I make is keeping your breathing equipment clean, which is actually proven to minimize the spread of viruses. Specifically, clean your inhaler, holding chamber/spacer, nebulizer, nebulizer tubing and mouthpiece. Follow the individual device manufactures instruction for cleaning the device and do it as frequently as possible. Some devices will allow you to clean a product using a dishwasher machine, which can add an additional disinfectant barrier. Many times the simple and practical applications, such as cleaning your devices can have a valuable benefit in reducing and/or preventing respiratory infections. As always, I wish you well and good health!!


Dr. David H. Tottori