Infographic – Prepare your kids for allergy season with these 4 tips

4-tips-to-prepare-for-allergies1. Epinephrine Injector Always In Hand

If your pediatrician prescribed an epinephrine injector, be sure your child always has it handy. Work with your child’s school and friends parents to ensure all parties are informed.

2. Know The Signs & Symptoms
Know the signs of a serious reaction like difficulty breathing or wheezing. Teach your child how to alert a parent or teacher if they are in crisis. Educate your child’s teachers and staff on sign and symptoms.
3. Practice Makes Perfect
Regularly practice how to use the epipen so you and your child won’t forget. Do demonstrations and make sure they know how to properly administer the pen.
4. Start Early Treatment
Early treatment and support can make all the difference. Make an appointment with your allergist before the allergy season starts. Seeking treatment as soon as possible can help get you through the season with less complications.