How to Prepare for the Upcoming Allergy Season

For millions of Americans, spring brings relief and excitement. After all, who doesn’t enjoy warmer weather, longer days, and the sight of beautiful trees and flowers? But for people with seasonal allergies, the arrival of spring means trouble. From sneezing to coughing, congestion, and itchy eyes, allergies can make life miserable. If you suffer from springtime allergies, here are some good ways to prepare for spring’s approach. 


Contact a Specialist 

 Before the spring allergy season arrives, it’s wise to contact a Las Vegas allergy doctor for relief. Ideally, experts say that you should visit a specialist before your allergies begin. In warmer climates, springtime allergies may start in January or February. Therefore, you should aim to book an appointment in December or early January at the latest. A specialist can help you find allergy management techniques for the springtime, which can range from medications to lifestyle changes. 


Eliminate Pollen 

 Pollen appears in many types of plants and trees in the spring. It is one of the most common sources of all springtime allergies. While you may not be able to avoid exposure to pollen outside, you can certainly limit your contact with pollen indoors. Although it may be tempting to open all the doors and windows when warmer weather arrives, doing so can exacerbate seasonal allergies. To reduce your exposure to spring allergies, experts recommend a thorough “spring cleaning.” This includes vacuuming the rugs, furniture, and floors often. It also helps to dust the furniture and mop non-carpeted floors. Washing your clothing regularly and changing your clothes after spending time outdoors can also reduce your exposure to spring allergens. 


Reduce Mold 

 Warm, humid environments are primary opportunities for mold growth. Unfortunately, the arrival of spring often brings these conditions. Not surprisingly, mold growth can take off in spring if left unchecked. You can remove mold from surfaces using a simple mixture of detergent and water. You should also wash fabrics using water and soap. Be sure to dry clothing, bedding, and towels thoroughly. Proper ventilation reduces the likelihood of mold build-up, too. If you run a dehumidifier in your home, be sure to clean the unit often and empty the water pan regularly. 


Track Allergens 

 Today, many Americans rely on technology to get through their daily lives. It might sound surprising, but technology can help with allergies, too! Many weather sites offer daily pollen and mold count reports. Your allergist may also have this information available through a website. On your phone, you can download a weather app that provides this same information at the touch of a finger. 

 Springtime allergies are no fun. But a specialist can help you easily overcome Las Vegas allergies. Along with making some simple adjustments to your routine, you can always contact Dr. Tottori for assistance. We encourage you to contact us online or call (702) 240 4233 today to get relief!