How a Pediatric Allergist Helps Lead to A Happy & Healthy Childhood

Sneezing, coughing, runny rose… the list of childhood ailments goes on. These symptoms are commonly mistaken for the common cold. However, they can be a sign of allergies, too. Sometimes it is difficult (if not impossible) for a parent to distinguish between the symptoms of allergies or a cold. Pinpointing the cause, however, is just where a pediatric immunologist Las Vegas plays a starring role. Only an allergist has the knowledge and equipment to test for allergies. An allergist will also help manage your child’s allergies to ensure he or she has a healthy childhood. 

Signs and Symptoms of Allergies 

 Like adults, children can suffer from allergies too. Seasonal and food allergies are the most common. Collectively, allergies affect 5.6 million children under the age of 18. About 8% of all pediatric allergies are food-related. Seasonal allergies begin suddenly around the time that seasons change. They may cause sneezing, a runny nose, congestion, and itchy, watery eyes. While a cold might last one to two weeks, allergies can last an entire season. Children will get a fever with a cold but not allergies. Food allergies cause symptoms the instant a child eats the offending food. Symptoms can include digestive problems, hives, and trouble breathing. Severe cases can cause anaphylactic shock, which can be deadly. 

Testing for Allergies 

 A pediatric immunologist Las Vegas can test for allergies in several ways. First, the allergist will want to know your child’s symptoms. Any family history of allergies is vital to know, too, as having just one parent with allergies can double the child’s chance of developing allergies. A doctor may also perform a skin test to check for allergies. A skin test involves putting small samples of potential allergens in the child’s forearm. If a rash or irritation develops around a sample area, the doctor will know what substance your child is allergic to. Alternatively, a doctor may order a blood test to check for allergies. However, a blood test is usually only ordered if a severe allergy is suspected. 

Getting Allergy Relief 

 After determining the cause, the best allergist in Las Vegas can prescribe a course of treatment. The treatment may include medication, allergy shots, and finding ways to avoid interacting with a substance. If a child has food allergies, an allergist may prescribe epinephrine to prevent a life-threatening reaction. An allergist will also offer advice on avoiding interactions with an allergen. This may include altering your child’s diet to accommodate a food allergy or limiting interactions with a seasonal allergen. 

 If your child’s health is suffering from allergies, it’s time to take action. Only a specialist can handle your questions and concerns and offer relief. If your child shows symptoms of asthma or allergies, contact our office for help. It’s easy to make an appointment with Dr. Tottori, the best allergist in Las Vegas, by calling (702) 240 4233 or visiting today.