Four Common Household Items That Trigger Allergic Reactions

From soap and lotion to cleaning products, candles, and sunscreen, you encounter dozens of allergens daily in your home. Because you routinely interact with these substances, you might not even know which ones you’re allergic to. Trying to pinpoint the source of your allergy attacks can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Although you’re not an expert in figuring out what’s causing your symptoms, a Las Vegas allergist is! If you are suffering from chronic, irritating symptoms, an allergist can figure out the cause. Before your appointment, it helps to know what you have come into contact with recently that may be causing trouble. Here are some of the most common household allergens.


 In the United States, people wash their hands about nine times each day. Most people take at least one shower and wash dishes several times daily. All that adds up to a lot of soap exposure. And soap, it turns out, can be an allergen, depending on the ingredients it contains. It can also irritate your skin, as it strips the skin of its protective oils. Liquid dishwasher soap and body wash, close cousins of soap can also cause irritation.

Cleaning Products

 The products you use to clean your floors, sinks, showers, and bathrooms certainly make your house look clean and smell nice. But they can also cause unpleasant allergic reactions. Most household cleaning products are not designed for use on the skin. They contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin upon contact. You can also inhale the chemicals when they get into the air, which also causes respiratory irritation and sometimes congestion, too. Whenever you’re cleaning, experts recommend wearing gloves and opening the windows.


 From celebrating holidays to making your home look warm and inviting, candles have a welcome place in many American households. But they can also have an unpleasant side effect – allergies. About one out of five people report sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes, headaches, hives, and respiratory problems when they burn candles. Synthetic scents contain hundreds of chemicals that can cause allergic reactions. However, an allergy doctor in Las Vegas can identify the source of your problems.


 Sunscreen undeniably has many health advantages. After all, it blocks dangerous UVA and UVB rays from damaging your skin. But for some, sunscreen can also cause allergies. Some sunscreen contains harsh chemicals that also cause skin reactions. These chemicals are called “PABA.” Switching to a sunscreen without PABA chemicals is recommended if you develop allergies.

 With all the irritants and possible allergens you’re exposed to daily, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to figure out what you’re reacting to. But with the help of Dr. Tottori, a top Las Vegas allergist, you don’t have to suffer any longer! Visit our website at or call (702) 240 4233 to get relief from allergy and asthma symptoms today.