Food Allergies in the U.S.

Tottori Allergy - Food Allergies in the U.S.These foods cause 90% of food allergies:

It’s one of the most common childhood allergies, affecting 2-3% of babies and toddlers.
An egg allergy is the second most common cause of food allergy in children.
Peanut allergies affect around 4-8% of children and 1-2% of adults.
Tree Nuts
It’s a very common food allergy that’s thought to affec around 1% of the US population.
A wheat allergy is an allergic response to one of the protein found in wheat.
Soy allergies affect around 0.4% of children and are most commonly seem in infants and children under three.
A shellfish allergy is caused by your body attacking proteins from the crustacean and mollusk families of fish, which are known as shellfish.
Fish allergies are common, affecting up to around 2% of adults.
It affects 1 in 13 children
Every 3 minutes, a food allergy reaction sends someone to the ER