It’s important to take special care with children who have food allergies. A child with severe food allergies may have a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction to even a tiny amount of a food allergen. Your child should always wear a medical alert bracelet and carry an allergy kit.

Make sure that all caregivers (school administrators, teachers, friends, coaches, and babysitters):

  • Know about your child’s food allergy.

  • Can recognize the symptoms of a food allergy.

  • Know where the allergy kit is kept and how to give the epinephrine shot.

  • Know to call 911 immediately

Children may have only mild symptoms in the first few minutes after they eat the food allergen, but they may have severe symptoms in 10 to 60 minutes. Children always should be observed in a hospital for several hours after a reaction.

Make sure that your child:

  • Always wears a medical alert bracelet.

  • Always carries an allergy kit. Children at risk of severe allergic reactions should keep the kits at school or day care as well as home. Older, mature children should be taught to give themselves the shot.