Do Allergies Change Over Time?

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Are you considering allergy testing? Allergies are confusing. One day you can’t stop sneezing around your friend’s dog, but months later, it stops. Alternatively, you may eat a handful of peanuts one day only to find that you’re suddenly reacting. Many people wonder if allergies change over time. The answer, experts say, is yes. A Las Vegas allergist explains that allergies can change over the course of your life. An allergist can also help you learn to identify and manage allergies that arise.

Developing Allergies

Experts at the Cleveland Clinic say that allergies are among the most chronic disorders in the world. Allergies are essentially an exaggerated immune system response to something in the environment. They are considered an “inappropriate” response because there is ultimately no good reason why your body should respond in such an extreme way to an offending trigger.

What Causes Allergies?

Allergies can develop for several reasons. One common cause of allergies is reduced tolerance. Sometimes, prolonged or frequent exposure to a specific allergen such as pet dander can actually prevent allergies by strengthening your immune system. Some researchers add that pets bring bacteria into the home, increasing exposure to those pathogens, and strengthening your immune system. If you go from having frequent exposure to none at all, allergies can result. For instance, a child who grows up with a cat may never develop an allergy until he or she leaves the family home and returns a while later, only to start reacting around the cat. Along with pet dander, people can also lose their immunity to insect venom, pollen, medications, food, and more.

Can You Outgrow Allergies?

Just as you can acquire allergies, you can also lose them. In fact, research shows that somewhere between 60% – 80% of children with allergies to milk and eggs lose their allergies by the time they turn 16. However, only about 20% of children lose a peanut allergy, and only around 5% lose a shellfish allergy. Allergists agree that if you haven’t lost an allergy by your teenage years, you’ll probably have it for life.

Diagnosing Allergies

Adult-onset allergies can happen suddenly, and they can also cause potentially dangerous reactions. Therefore, if you think that you may have developed an allergy, it’s essential to schedule an appointment with a Las Vegas allergist as soon as possible. An allergist can perform specific tests to check for allergies, including food allergy testing Las Vegas, to check for common food allergies and a blood test to check for allergies from other sources.

Throughout life, people can gain or lose allergies based on exposure, where they live, and their immunity level. If you think that you may have developed an allergy, be sure to contact Dr. Tottori, a Las Vegas allergy specialist, for help. You can make an appointment online or by calling (702) 240 4233 today.