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Thank you for considering Tottori Allergy & Asthma Associates as your specialty health care team. We are the premier providers in Southern Nevada for allergic, asthma and immunologic conditions for both adult and pediatric patients. We offer outstanding, state of the art medicine, comprehensive clinical facilities and we dedicate ourselves to create the best patient experience possible. We have been providing care to Nevadans since 1992. Caring is our business!

Our number one goal is to provide the finest medical care possible, while maintaining unsurpassed patient safety practices.

Based on the joint effort by experts from the Advocacy Council/American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI) and the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), our facility uses the most current and widely adopted recommendations in the United States for all aspects of allergy and immunologic care.

We offer an on site state of the art mixing room, which was specifically designed for mixing allergen immunotherapy focusing on optimizing immunotherapy preparation safety. Our mixing room has special ventilation features, which reduce airborne contaminants while preparing allergen immunotherapy vials.

Along with focus based evidence recommendations, our staff must undergo specific training, which includes:

  • Training in and demonstrated understanding of appropriate antiseptic hand cleaning, surface disinfection and aseptic technique
  • Pass a written test on aseptic technique and extract preparation
  • Annually pass a media-fill or equivalent test verifying use of aseptic technique
  • Undergo a 3 month training program evaluation on extract preparation
  • Pass an O.S.H.A. training course on Initial and Ongoing Competency Assessment: Allergen Extract Mixing
  • Annually pass Certification Testing for Proficiency Prick Skin Testing
  • Annually pass A.T.S. Certification for Lung Function Testing (spirometry)
  • Annually pass C.M.S. Fraud Waste and Abuse Training
  • Reinstruct and re-evaluate if fail written test or media-fill test equivalent

In addition, we take the protection of your personal identity serious and pride ourselves on the importance of having the safe guards to do so. Some examples of what we offer are:

  • Using a Certified HIPAA Document Destruction/Storage Facility
  • Using Certified HIPAA Document Destruction On Site Containers
  • Using the most advanced Encrypted Credit Card Machine Services available
  • Initial and Ongoing Training of our staff on HIPAA Regulations to Protect Health Information
  • Using the most state of the art HIPAA Information Technology Security Systems in the industry for all aspects of computer usage
  • Contracting a HIPAA consultant to maintain HIPAA policies and training

We pride ourselves with having a “Red Flag” Identity theft program, which educates our employees on identifying potential data breaches. Although, the majority of health insurances mandate we collect your personal identity in order to submit payment to them, we are confident our facility has the safeguards to protect your identity. We will continue to monitor our policies and update them as the vulnerabilities change over time. Our commitment to providing quality medicine and protecting your personal identity is our highest priority.

We are proud members of the Southern Nevada Better Business Bureau, Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, Latin Chamber of Commerce and the Asian Chamber of Commerce. We have two convenient locations on the West and East Valley to serve you and accept most major insurance plans. We look forward to meeting you!

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