Pollen Alert: May is The Worst Month for Allergies in the United States

Allergy sufferers, beware: April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring May allergies. Statistically, May is the worst month in the US for allergies. By now, the nation’s flora is in full bloom. Plant, tree, and grass pollen – you get it all. The presence of these allergens, combined with the fact that the weather is conducive to allergies this time of year, means trouble for allergy sufferers. However, learning to manage your allergies can help you survive the season without hiding indoors or going through boxes of tissues.

Visit an Allergist

You might be tempted to self-diagnose your allergies in the spring. However, with so many potential allergens, you might never figure out which one you’re reacting to. Fortunately, that’s where a Las Vegas allergy doctor helps out. A doctor will ask you about your symptoms and make recommendations for controlling symptoms. This might include allergy shots or medications to control symptoms. An allergist can also recommend lifestyle changes to minimize exposure to allergens during the peak season.

Monitor Mold and Pollen Counts

The number of pollen spores in an area can vary by day. Today, it’s easy to get information about the daily prediction for spores. Weather reports online or on paper should provide this information. Local radio and television reports can also give the day’s projected mold and pollen counts. Generally, pollen counts are at their highest in the evening hours in spring.

Close Doors and Windows

It might sound counter-intuitive to close doors and windows in spring. After all, this is when you’re most desperate to open them! However, a Las Vegas allergy doctor will attest that nice warm air flowing through your home also carries allergens. This applies to your car, too. Whether you’re at home or driving, it’s better to use the AC.

Go Outside After a Rainfall

While it might seem like a nuisance, rain is on your side when it comes to controlling allergies. Rain is your ally in managing spring allergies by holding pollen spores to the ground. If you wake up to find fresh dew on the grass, that’s your cue to get the day’s outdoor activities, like running errands and exercising, out of the way.

Hang Laundry Indoors

After a thorough spring cleaning, it might be tempting to hang laundry outside to dry. But doing so, especially if the laundry is still damp, invites pollen to stick to fabric. When you bring the dry wash inside, you’ll also be bringing pollen in with it. Using a dryer or hanging the laundry inside to dry is best.

Allergy sufferers view spring with mixed feelings. It’s a time of new flowers and warmer weather, but it also brings seasonal allergies. This season, the best allergist in Las Vegas can provide an accurate allergy diagnosis and help you manage your symptoms. Through medications, lifestyle modifications, or both, you’ll soon be looking forward to May’s flowers with anticipation and joy, not fear.

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