Don’t Let Allergies Define Your Spring: 5 Tips to Keep Them at Bay

Spring is supposed to be about beautiful colors and warmer weather – not allergies! But unfortunately, sneezing, coughing, and itchy, watery eyes are part of the springtime package for many people. By learning to manage your symptoms, or even stop them before they start, you can look forward to spring’s colorful blossoms with joy, not dread. 

Go Outside Later in the Day 

If you can, experts recommend limiting your outdoor time to the afternoon and evening hours. Pollen counts are highest in the morning, so activities like running and walking can be uncomfortable during this time. Additionally, temperatures are cooler in the evening, which makes working out more pleasant! 

Minimize Outdoor Chores 

Maybe you’ve never really enjoyed mowing the lawn, or you’ve been looking for an excuse to delay raking leaves. Either way, allergies can help! Allergists recommend avoiding activities like mowing the lawn and raking leaves during allergy season, as they can stir up pollen and make your symptoms much worse. Wind will also stir up pollen. If you can’t avoid yard activities, wear a mask to protect your nasal passages and airways when you venture outdoors. 

Close Doors and Windows 

Many people can’t resist the temptation to open up the doors and windows when spring’s warmer air arrives. But if you suffer from seasonal allergies, be aware that pollen can drift in through doors and windows that are left open, even just a crack. This is the case for both homes and vehicles. So if you’ve also been itching to take your convertible out for the year’s first drive, you might want to wait until the pollen passes! 

Hang Laundry Indoors 

Spring cleaning, which is a seasonal ritual for many individuals, often means hanging rugs, sheets, and blankets outside on the clothes line to dry. But this can actually make your allergy symptoms worse. Pollen can stick to fabrics when they are wet, which means you’ll be bringing your allergies indoors when you bring your belongings back inside. If you are choosing to forgo the dryer for environmental reasons, find a place to hang your sheets and towels indoors instead. 

Get an Allergy Test 

Whether you have a suspicion of what you’re allergic to or you need a process of elimination, an allergy test can help you identify what you are reacting to. Schedule a visit to Dr. Tottori, a specialist in Las Vegas allergies, to pinpoint your allergies. Once you determine what is setting off your symptoms, your doctor can help you learn how to properly manage them. 

With a few simple lifestyle changes, and even by getting tested for allergies, you’ll be able to finally enjoy the spring season instead of dreading it. On your own, there are some very easy and effective ways that you can minimize your allergy symptoms. A professional can also help you with a more comprehensive allergy management plan so that you can live your life with allergies instead of planning around them.